Seeing Striped Fashion's superstar


From Coco Chanel through Picasso to Jean Paul Gaultier, the "Breton" striped shirt is a fashion's superstar

Striped top pencil pants

Originally inspired by 19th century French fishermen, the striped (Breton) shirt is a casual icon and staple for the islanders of Manhattan.

More than a trend, these shirts have been worn in many ways over time. Coco Chanel gave the shirt formal appeal,Audrey Hepburn made it elegant, Kate Moss made it cool, Kurt Cobain made it rock and roll, Picasso made it artistic, and well, Jean-Paul Gaultier wears one often. The concept is classic yet diverse.

A variety of weights and colors of this nautical inspired top are available through brands like Saint James, L.L Bean, and Armor-Lux. Explore the far West Side of Manhattan, along the Hudson River, and you will find plenty of opportunity to sport your stripes.

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